Thursday, February 23, 2006

First there was nothing, then....


A New Era in the Mythology of the extraordinary life of Vincent Perea!

The Story so Far:
Before Art School I used to sketch a whole bunch. Whether I was in class or on public transit, I had a lot of time to devote to filling page after page of journals. When I moved away to art school this got more complicated and after a while I noticed I was spending more time on painting sketchbook pages than on my actual artwork. Eventually I would phase out most sketching unless it pertained to finished illustrations.

It’s funny but the pressure to build a good-looking sketchbook page was greater than most of my other work. So long story short I stopped keeping a regular sketchbook.

In October 2005 I got a new job that requires a long commute with around 40 minutes of down time on the Bart train. After two months of simply reading during this time I noticed that I started working less, producing less work, thus I was unhappy.

During the summer months I had been posting funny little blogs on Myspace to the amusement of my friends. However with the new job this too dropped off because of the lack of downtime to surf the web at my new job.

So in December I bought another sketchbook, and jumped right back into my old habits. Now I am happier and producing more work. I can experiment again and try out new ideas before I go to paint, and the commuting time is just enough to be productive.

To keep this ball rolling I am starting this blog so I have a way to:

a. Show newer work to the people, while my website is being redesigned and configured.

b. Have a venue ready for my rambling thoughts and drawings, forcing me to keep on truckin…as it were.

Some note worthy inspirations to this endeavor are:

a. John K of Ren and Stimpy fame started one of these and will regularly update his site with amazing caricature of Celebrities.

b. John Hodgeman’s book “ The Areas of My Expertise” A hilarious almanac of made up trivia that is cleverly and meticulously written. A lycanthropic table of the phases of the moon, a chapter devoted to the history of the disappearance of the Hobo. 100% brilliant.

So here is a recap of some of my recent sketches. I generally rough sketch a drawing in the first forty minutes, then on the way home I tighten it up. Later that week at home I will ink the drawing, and then the next few rides I’ll shade it in. or start something else.

Lately I have been very influenced by Photos from the early part of the 1900s, in particular erotica photos from that time. Which explains most of these.

(My living Room: The Nintendo and VHS suggest that I live in the year 1985.)

(For an upcoming painting that I'll post when I'm done, that is my mom and I )

Keep Living the Dream!



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