Sunday, February 26, 2006

Working for the Weekend

It has been a productive weekend on the sketchin’ side of life. Today I dropped off some work for the second annual “Overhung” show at Boontling Gallery. Last year they covered the gallery Salon style from floor to ceiling with work. Although it is a small gallery it has a big presence and with the walls stuffed full of art it is an amazing sight to see.

If you are available this coming Friday night you should check it out ( Boontling is @ 4224 Telegraph Ave. in Oakland) . To give you a scope of the show when I got there at 1:00 pm today they already had 145 pieces to display. One of the owners/curators Derek said that they wanted at least one hundred more.

Below is my primary contribution to the show along with a few other smaller works.

I have set up a little progression of sorts just to spotlight how this painting came about.

A while back my friend Toby lent me a Wacom tablet to experiment with, after numerous conversations where he tried to convince me of the benefits of digital painting. I am not a big fan of digital painting although I am not computer illiterate in such matters. At my day job I spend all day on Photoshop, the last thing I want to do when I paint is look at a Mac.
Recently though I have been experimenting with coloring ink drawings using Photoshop and Painter to some surprisingly pleasing results. Although what I am about to show here is how I have found it most useful, in helping me decide which colors will best suit my current painting.


In wanting a brand spanking new piece for Overhung I took a sketch from my first post and reworked it onto good watercolor paper.

After scanning the inked drawing I used photoshop to loosely paint local color and give me a sense of the color scheme and mood I wanted to work with.

I whipped out the Watercolor said goodbye to my Saturday and hello to a fun painting.

See you Friday!



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