Thursday, March 23, 2006


Oh Boy, another week is about to end. When I got home from LA I spent the week catching up with friends and driving around in my new car. Sketching had been slow but then last weekend I got sick so I spent a good Sunday watching bad bad movies (Kindergarten cop ... I’m not embarrassed) and of course drawing.
One of my favorite activities recently is to peruse through magazines and draw the fashion advertisements. Usually the clothes and accessories are really noteworthy in a stand-alone advertisement, and when you take an image like that out of context the illustration is hilarious (and really fun to draw).
I want to turn the two sketches below into finished paintings with my new paint, which should be arriving soon. I ordered some animation cel vinyl paint to experiment with as a medium in an attempt at branching out from watercolor…with another water based medium. I am at a point where I am trying to push myself into new directions stylistically, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel just yet.

"From an ad in the 1950s for Vodka I think...can't you tell!"

"This was a more recent Ad for Prada. Why was she posing in a barn?" What's with the chicken? Who knows..."

" Not inspired by an Ad but an old idea that wont go away. Maybe posting this will inspire me to stop doodling this and finally paint it"

"Same goes for this sketched out beauty."

Keep reaching for the stars!



Blogger .eth0s+aftermath said...

i adore the last one... if you ever find yourself considering tossing it in the trash, please consider your missing-you-in-Denver-sam. [[Your dinosaur still sits on my desk.]]

7:37 PM  

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