Thursday, June 08, 2006

Chapter One: Brass and Moving Boxes

Oh lord it has been too long ! A big move and many tearful hugs and kisses later I am in Los Angeles now.

Well it is time to get this blog back on track. Here is the story of May in two parts.

Chapter One: Brass and moving boxes

A group show with about eight other artists opened up the month. The experience of hanging the work was fun and grueling as about 200 paintings in total were involved.

The show went of like Gangbusters and quite a bit of work sold. Hooray for all involved. However everything leading up to the show was a nightmare. Not only was our setup time mistakenly set up wrong twice…but when we did show up to finally hang work there were other complications. When we arrived at the gallery there was a brass band playing crazy circus music right in the gallery. After much negotiation we allowed them two more hours to finish practice while we got ready (i.e. got beer and burritos).

We started hanging work near the end of the Circus Band’s practice when their striped stocking wearing leader came over to us and asked if they were really that much of a bother and could they keep playing in the gallery.

Now…I don’t know how many of you have tried to arrange 200 paintings while a tuba blares at you from two feet away. As you can imagine it is fairly difficult. So they ended up relocating for the next two hours outside. Sensibly a band would head down the street, but our dear friends in the art school brass cabaret decided that the best acoustics were directly out the front door.

We toughed through it and the show turned out great.

How did we ever manage to do it? Tuborg baby…Copenhagen’s finest .50-cent beer!

After the show I received a vision from above telling me it was time to move back to Los Angeles. Zombie Darwin visited me riding a beam of light and together with his cheetah woman bride we decided it was best if I moved down south for a spell.

" Chaz Darwin in Zombie mode"

So I got to packing, and with my Boone companion Roboraptor we decided which belongings would stay and which would go.

The middle of the month was filled with making arrangements working my butt off and then of course beginning to say goodbye to all the homies in Oaktown. Over the month I got two illustration jobs that both went off well. Not necessarily my best work…but regardless I can’t believe people want to pay me for this. I love illustrating. The first was for an article about Corporations hiring people to predict trends and shifts in the marketplace. The bright yellow image is about how well the California Supreme court justices get along.

Stay tuned for the next Chapter!


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