Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The A is for " Annihilation "

This weekend I had to draw a self-portrait…that’s me with the tie on.

I am going to be in a show with about seven other illustrators this coming May at Lobot Gallery in Oakland. The title of the show is “The Lineup” and the card will feature self portraits of us all standing in front of a police line up. So I had to draw a head to toe depiction of my stunning good looks, which I have never done before.

It is funny drawing yourself man I have a very prominent nose. I am all nose in this drawing. I should have just drawn a large nose with legs popping out of the nostrils and a bandana on. I could have had a flag waving in the background with the words “Born in the USA” behind me. Now that would have been a good drawing.

"The nose in question...that's me on the left"

All in all I am happy with this drawing, I feel that it is more honest than other attempts at drawing myself. It is time everyone knows about my robot dinosaurs, and that I'm not to be trifled with.

When I first sketched this out I was having one of those amazing days where everything I draw turns to gold, every loving stroke could cure rare diseases.

On this day I picked up the idea from the last post with the girl playing piano and am working on the whole drawing now. Here is the face. I have tried to get this one together for a while now and am happy that stylistically it is starting to go somewhere.

"This face drew itself by a remote connection with Pluto"

The rest of the drawing delights me and I’ll show it once it is further along. Also I have been gabbing on and on about this new paint (Cell Vinyl) that is now in my possession. I have been playing around with it but don’t have a whole bunch to show except for this drawing of Anne Hathaway (the actress)...

... and there is also this one of a friend...which looks nothing like her.

I intend on doing a bunch of small portraits like this in order to help me learn how to manage the paint better. I want a small army of them by May for this Illustration show. I want to do some more famous people, but I want real people too and fictional characters as well. If you want me to paint you …yes you I will do so. Just email me your photo I'm at: Vincent@vincentperea.com

Be warned I may draw you as a large nose with legs popping out singing “Free Bird”.

This offer does not apply to anyone in either Nigeria or England who wants me to transfer over a billion dollars to some secret American bank account.

What’s up with that!

Vincent A. Perea